Meet the Secret Foster Carer

Hi there

I’m the ‘Secret Foster Carer’ and although I’ve fostered with Blue Sky for many years, my background is in journalism, so writing about my fostering encounters and my family is a combination of all my favourite roles!

Generally, I write about six blogs each month and although they all relate to a fostering experiences, I try to share things relevant to the time or year or to things that have appeared in the news. Everything I experience and share brings a new depth and reward for everyone in my home, for my friends and for my wider family.

Although you may never know my name, I will be delighted for you to follow my blog, share my experiences and maybe the odd personal revelation or two!

If you’d like to ask a question, share your experiences or share an observation, please feel free to write them in the 'comments' section below, or at the end of each blog and I will happily respond and offer advice where I can.

Best wishes

The Secret Foster Carer


  1. Hello there,
    I've just come across your blog as I am doing ongoing research about it, as it has always been something I've wanted to do. I say 'ongoing' because I am about to have our second child, so it would be a plan about 2-3 years in the future. Could you tell me how your work fits around your foster care? I would need to work part-time in addition to fostering but it is flexible and could be made to fit, however everything I read about it says that the agency would rather you committed full-time to the care role. Do you have any thoughts or tips on how you make this work? Thanks!

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    Thanks for your question, it's an interesting on so I'll answer in more detail than a reply; as a separate post on "FOSTERING. CAN I DO IT?"